FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

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Re: *FAO Franno83*

Thank you, Al

I appreciate the repost and compliments regarding my images.

No worries about my having originally addressed it to Fran; it appears she has no interest in responding but I guess there’s a chance she may have overlooked my input or merely ticked the like option in acknowledgment. Plus, of course, it’s every member’s right to either ignore or reply to any contribution made by anyone. Who knows? Not to worry. With any luck, the information I supplied may be of benefit to others.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do just fine with your FZ300. I note that you’ve tried the FZ80 and swapped it for the canon SX70. So you know the score re filling as much of the frame as possible with the subject, which is always the key principle for recording fine fur and feather detail on a pinhead 1/2.3 sensor.

Thanks again.


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