The 20mp sensor is perfectly fine.

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Everything is perfectly fine.

Ab Latchin wrote:

I keep reading here and on other sites how the 20mp m43rds sensor is old, outdated, noisy, lacks DR etc. Recently we can add new reasons for the demise of the format etc.

It isn't in any practical sense.

Ya know, I wish photographers here were more confident about their equipment choices.

Every camera, every lens, every technology empowers somebody's creativity. Who is anyone else to judge, really?

If you're Chiara Zonca or Tanja Lippert or Jose Villa, you've built a big, thriving, internationally-recognized imaging career shooting film, even though most of the world's been done with it for decades. Does film suck? Maybe for you, but obviously not for them.

If you're Sofi Lee, you've made an interesting and prolific imaging career using tiny-sensor digicams of the early 'aughts, scavenged from garage sales, dusty junk drawers, and trash bins. (Bless its heart, DPReview even did an editorial feature on her work a while back.) Do digicams suck? You might think so, but they're working for her.

So what I get out of Ab's post: 20MP m4/3 is great, if you're Ab. And don't read me wrong: it's always pleasant to hear someone's found a creative groove--it's an inspirational reminder that successful, enduring creative grooves can be found. I'm happy to hear it from Ab in the exact same way that I enjoyed reading DPReview's feature about Sofi Lee.

But I balk whenever I sense one person's creative groove getting cast or talked about as though it were some kind of "objective truth" or "universal way." I cringed at Ab's subject header and thesis ("the 20MP m43 sensor is not "outdated") because I find it truly dismal to imagine anyone otherwise cooking along  with their photography and creativity might be discouraged by some internet ghost telling them their equipment is "outdated." It's patently ridiculous that anyone feels a need to "justify" an equipment choice to a bunch of screen-names. Chiara Zonca and Sofi Lee aren't sweating anyone here. Nobody else should be, either.

I'll just put this alternate thesis out there: maybe it's time to stop humoring the summary judgments of anonymous internet voices--the passing scrapes and jabs from ghosts who don't know anything about you, your goals, or your interests. Ghosts who weren't in the field or studio with you shooting, ghosts who weren't privy to requirement or ideation talks you had with your clients and customers.

Professional photographers and engaged creatives know what equipment they need for their projects and interests. Everyone else shoots a phone. We're years past the days of worrying about some hapless family snapshooter wandering into a forum looking for a new camera and getting "led astray."

And as a corollary: maybe we should try, hard, not to be those mealy-mouthed ghosts ourselves. It doesn't help us to assume there's something "wrong" with photographers who've made different choices than we have. Imagining others are mistaken or foolish doesn't improve our own photography. Arguing that others have wasted money, assuming they're lugging and loading-out heavier gear than they "need" to be lugging or loading-out, insisting they have "bad taste" or don't actually know how to judge their results for themselves: how does that behavior improve your shoot tomorrow?

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