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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

SpeedyNeo wrote:

Buttons252 wrote:

I wouldnt do it for a wedding shooter. Sure you can do weddings with X-T4 but i am not happy with the IQ if i have to push over 800 iso. I picked up a canon 5DS and while rated for miserable low light performance is quite a bit above my X-H1. The X-h1 is basically the same as an X-T4 in this regard.

I do love Fuji glass though, especially my 90mm F2. I am considering switching back to full frame, and the nikon is tempting because the F1.8 Z lenses are optically great and compact.

"but i am not happy with the IQ if i have to push over 800 iso.."

Huh? You must be shooting weddings only in broad daylight then! Fuji's iso performance is great I'd say until at least 3200.

I guess he's just more demanding than you. The Z6 gets about the same PDR performance at a nominal ISO of 5000 and the same SNR at about ISO 6400.  And it will probably produce a lighter image at a given set of settings, so it needs a lower ISO to get a particular image lightness.

What kind of pp do you use if I may ask?

There is no way, with proper PP applied to both that the Fuji edges closer.

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