questions about purple halos on my Sigma 85mm lens

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Re: questions about purple halos on my Sigma 85mm lens

chris gunn wrote:

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chris gunn wrote:

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My copy of the Art 85mm was never that bad, in fact that's by far the worst LoCA I've seen on shots from the Art 85mm (even if it is wide open. I recommend stopping down the lens, do some test shots at f1.8, f2, f2.8 and see what happens. This is a shot I did with my Art 85mm on a Nikon Z7 at f2:

I haven't found a great way to reduce the fringing in PixInsight, the fringing sliders in Lightroom do the best job (but you have to be very careful not to remove nebula color). Really the best strategy is to just avoid shooting lenses with such bad LoCA, either stop the lens down or get another copy. IMO you got a really bad copy of this lens, I haven't ever seen such poor LoCA from the 85mm before.

I love your appreciation of skyglow!

Thanks, I never understood why people try to hide or mask it out of images, it's such an interesting aspect of the night sky that adds colors that otherwise are rarely seen.

Without skyglow, most of the Milkyway is yellow, which is dull, and some people resort to AWB for colour.

In case you missed it, I imaged some fun skyglow a month ago:

Ya, that's fantastic, like a river of skyglow.

I also think most people just improperly color balance their night sky images (almost universally too blue) which ends up masking a lot of the greens from the airglow, others just don't like the greens/reds for whatever reason which it is properly color balanced. Definitely something you don't see a ton of in nightscape images though, not a lot of people really accentuate the airglow.

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