How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

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Re: How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

I believe the camera parks the shutter and maybe the IBIS unit when it goes into sleep or is turned off.
I have the Z6 (verion I) and with a Z 50mm f1.8 S lens the buzz is there as well. Both when power is set from off to on or it goes from std. by to on. The same goes for power off or when camera enters std. by.
Looking into the lens from the front I can see that the aperture is put into the default std. by position when power is turned off or goes into std. by. When activating the camera again it opens the aperture completely and then goes to the aperture setting it was left in when it was rurned off or when it went into std. by. So this is one of the reasons to a buzzing sound.

The louder "clack" noise has to do with IBIS.

If IBIS (and thereby also VR if the lens has such) is turned on this "clack" noise is heard. If IBIS is off there is no "clack" noise.
I believe Nikon has implemented it in this way to ensure things are "fit for fight". If mechanical things are never fully activated there is a larger chance for it to get stuck or do weird things as things become older. Probably not much different then us human beings
Stay safe!

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