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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

Fuji Maine wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

As someone who has used the Z6 & Z7 cameras since their release and also an X-T2, since its release, and now X-T4, I am afraid that the Nikon autofocus is very much superior to the Fuji implementation. I feel embarrassed for Fuji that they are still pushing out AF that is fifteen years behind the current state of the art.

Now, I love my Fuji cameras (although the X-pro3 is not for me!) but I am not so blinded by brand loyalty that I cannot allow myself to be objective. My Nikon cameras have the best AF-S focus that I have ever used and their AF-C is not that far behind the Sony cameras either.

I enjoy using my Fuji cameras & lenses far far more than my Nikons, which I have never warmed to, but if I have to get the shot and will only get one go at it, it won’t be the X-T4 that I use. That’s for sure.

It continually blows my mind that Fuji has been so comfortable with staying at the back of the pack with AF performance. One would think that when selling cameras at or near the price point of full frame cameras that they'd really push hard to make the camera performance blow away the competition to give people a reason other than size to use their system. Nikon has been making morrorless cameras for about a minute and a half and has already figured out how to get at least middle of the pack AF that surpasses Fuji despite many years and five generations of cameras.

Perhaps for most users, the AF is more than good enough. Not everybody drives a Ferrari

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