Stepping back >7 years, looking at NEX-6 images

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Re: Stepping back >7 years, looking at NEX-6 images

Great to see this thread.    The impression (and I emphasize, my impression, so I am not stating this as a conclusive fact) I often get is that the use and advocacy of older equipment, and its state of technology, is to be viewed with, at best, bemused condescension along with an inference of charitable but obligatory sympathy for the  dire circumstances of the photographer trapped in the unfortunate economic necessity to somehow endeavor on with such antiquated gear.      (Note: Some editorial license may have been applied to the foregoing for dramatic effect).       But that ignores the the fact that if it was good gear then (2011 in this instance) it should still be good now.    I used my original Sony Nex 5 for this photo, with the Sony (chrome) 18-200 mm lens.    This system supplanted my full frame system that necessitated two lenses to cover this same range.    I still have that full frame system, too nice to get rid of in my opinion, and not economically necessary, but it is parked.     I have a 13X19" of this photo (the limit of my printer) on the wall and it acquits itself very well.   I have since purchased an a6300 body to accommodate a tall enough external flash to clear the 18-200mm lens barrel, and for the eye level viewfinder, although my preference is waist level shooting.    But the Nex 5 is still being used, and works like new.     I like the handy size, with the original 18-55mm lens attached, and it is still the same camera that caused me to park my full frame gear.  Going back to the 18-55mm lens on the Nex 5 allows me to use the small clip on folding flash that came with the body, so this rig allows fill flash capability.      When I go out, I take whichever rig I envision using.

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