How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

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Re: How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

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Sorry for my dumb question, maybe there's a simple answer but I am not sure where I should look for, or under which "term" to address it.

I am surprised that every time the Z7II comes back to active makes a buzzing sound. For a camera that should be as quiet as possible, this is annoying at best. Is there any hidden setting that avoids the camera to buzz? ( sleep delay aside which doesn't solve the problem anyway ? )

Thanks in advance.

SirHawkeye probably has it.

those who are suggesting turning off the IBIS/VR ... that is merely a diagnostic step, not a solution.

I have the original Z7 and have never heard any noise from it.

You don’t mention what type of lenses you are using or whether it happens with all ...

My suggestion:

  1. Remove the lens and replace it with the body cap. Remove the FTZ if you are using it.
  2. Test turning the camera on and bringing it out of sleep.
  3. Does the camera still buzz? If not it is probably a lens. Try different lenses and see if it is consistent or only happens with one. If an F lens, isolate the FTZ to make sure that is not at fault.
  4. If it still buzzes I would call it a camera defect. Call Nikon support and see if it can be repaired under warranty.

Let us know how this turns out!

Thanks, but the thing is the camera buzzs even without any lens attached. Every time it's sleeping (say every 20 sec or whatever and the camera goes to sleep to save battery and you awakens it, there's a noise). Say you want to check something on the menu and press any button, the sensor or whatever awakens from sleep and BUZZ. A short one, yet still noisy. I'll try to record it, although I'm not sure where I could upload a short clip (say a couple of seconds). My point is in church and inside theatres it's weird that the camera makes noise even without shooting, only because you want to put your eyes to the viewfinder or touch any button. If the camera can shoot in total silence, why is a noise necessary to awaken it?

Thanks in advance, though.

So I just checked me, with the 85 1.8, as it doesn't have VR, and I think I know what you're talking about. If you put your ear to the LCD you sort of hear a slight "hum". This is normal when VR is on. But when I turned off IBIS on my Z7II it goes away and is either very hard to hear or not audible otherwise. This hum from what I can see should go away when IBIS is off, but is normal when it's on. (However it's a hum, and not so much what I would call a buzzing noise -- like that you hear from ungrounded or cheap audio outputs for example, on a computer, or audio equipment when you turn the volume up really high while not playing anything).

If yours still hums with the IBIS OFF it may be a defect where the IBIS is not turning off even though the menus or camera says it is.

As far as a slight "buzzing" (and then perhaps a slight "click") when awaking from sleep mode...that's normal, with or without IBIS on. It's the sensor powering up again and the shutter opening so the LCD/EVF can show you what the sensor is reading.

But if you're getting buzzing while composing with IBIS off, then there may be something wrong. Maybe if you have a camera shop close by, stop by and ask them and show them.

I don't have another camera with IBIS (a non-Nikon camera) so I can't say if this is normal for ML camear's with IBIS or if it's a defect or simply a characteristic of NIkon ML bodies with IBIS.

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