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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

Buttons252 wrote:

I wouldnt do it for a wedding shooter. Sure you can do weddings with X-T4 but i am not happy with the IQ if i have to push over 800 iso. I picked up a canon 5DS and while rated for miserable low light performance is quite a bit above my X-H1. The X-h1 is basically the same as an X-T4 in this regard.

I do love Fuji glass though, especially my 90mm F2. I am considering switching back to full frame, and the nikon is tempting because the F1.8 Z lenses are optically great and compact.

"but i am not happy with the IQ if i have to push over 800 iso.."

Huh? You must be shooting weddings only in broad daylight then! Fuji's iso performance is great I'd say until at least 3200. What kind of pp do you use if I may ask?

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