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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

When I was moving from a Sony A7iii (  I was with the Sony for about a year having previously shot with a Fuji X-T2) I did give serious consideration to the Z6.

I decided however to return to Fuji for a few reasons. The Z6 ( there was no Z6ii at this time) appealed because of the FF sensor, and also because it allowed the use of Nikon legacy glass too. However ironically the fact that I would have had to use adapted glass due to cost, it meant that the system would end up being a fair bit larger than if using native Z lenses.

The other reason is a cliche but I also knew that I would miss the Fuji images. Much has been said about the colour and tone of Fuji files (even in RAW) but for me it’s such a deciding factor.

The reason I left Sony after experimenting for a year was because I hated the time I would have spent processing a large percentage of the images to get the colour / tone to my taste. Fuji RAWs for me provide a starting point that is usually 90% ‘there’ already and require minimal attention.

If I was already shooting Nikon I would take a long hard look at the Z6ii as an upgrade path, but if the cost and hassle of a full system switch isn’t too much to bear, I doubt very much that you would regret a move to Fuji and the X-T4.

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