How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

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Re: How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

Dodi73 wrote:

PLShutterbug wrote:

OK, I heard the sound in your video. My original Z7 makes a similar sound every time i turn it on or it wakes from sleep, too. I have never considered it an issue.

As others have said, it likely is two things: the VR system starting up, and perhaps the lens aperture.

Yes it's definitely FTZ, my friend, who has both native Z and non native F lenses to be used via FTZ made a quick test and the difference is remarkable and the noise is comparable to mine. Maybe Nikon should be made aware of this.

Check again please here .

I don't understand the point of having the phone so near the camera, and even so, I had to turn up the speaker volume to almost 50% to hear it. At my normal 17% setting I could not hear anything. That is the setting I use for all YouTube and other video, music or other type of sound. If his phone could hardly pick up the noise then you are really onto something which is not an issue. The noise is only a problem for those who put their ears near the camera, not for people who are a bit away from it, which your friend also discovered and that is the reason to have the phone so near.

I think Nikon knows this as well, I don't think they are stupid ignorants. They made more tests than you ever can imagine, but you can send those video clips to them just in case they have not made any tests and have no clue, which is VERY unlikely.

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