How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

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Re: How to get rid of activation buzzing sound? Nikon Z7II

Dodi73 wrote:

PLShutterbug wrote:

I have both native Z and F lenses.

No lens: just a quiet “snick” as (presumably) the VR system initialized.

Z lens: that plus a second quiet sound, presumably the lens aperture.

FTZ: “snick-chukka-zink” - three sounds as the FTZ also initializes. The FTZ aperture lever moves up and down, which adds the extra sound.

It is quiet enough I have never thought about it other than, “hmm. So the Z cameras sound like this, I guess.” Not a criticism - did you ever hear the mirror slap of a Hasselblad 500c, or the motor of its EL variant? MUCH louder, and on every shot.

My opinion: this is not something you should worry about.

Sure, BUT

whatever camera you mention, they make noise when they focus (VR) or shoot (mirror slap). Nikon could at least avoid to make noise when pressing any button that's not focusing. It has no sense activating FTZ when I scan the environment on the viewfinder, when I am checking for an info o scrolling photos or doing anything else. This is something that can be avoided. This means disabling FTZ functions for everything else but focusing.

I disagree. It makes indeed sense to activate the VR even when you are NOT pressing the focus because it stabilizes the EVF image. In my opinion that's a good idea, but the disadvantage is of course noise and unnecessary battery use when I am not actually using the EVF or the LCD. Solution is to flip the VR button off. Another thing why Nikon implemented it this way may be that they considered (rightfully) that a constant noise is better than the constant on/off noise created when you press/release the focus button. That REALLY is more often noted by people around you who easily get annoyed by the clicking sound when the VR comes to life.

Anyway, Nikon could have a menu option to disable VR unless you press the focus, or have it as it is. No big deal in my opinion, even if even I was irritated about this when I initially discovered this implementation but I realized that hardly anyone else except me was bothered about it, in fact most people wont hear it. You hear it because it in your face, but people a meter from you (3 feet) won't really notice it unless you point it out or have a really poor and noisy lens.

Also, keep in mind that the main idea is to use S lenses, not old and noisy VR lenses. Especially if noise is a concern, like in video or in a real quiet environment.

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