New 30 mp m4/3 sensor from Sony?

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Re: It's from 43rumors...

Raist3d wrote:

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Raist3d wrote:

Ab Latchin wrote:

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and it's not exactly new. They are citing 43rumors.

The real problem from my view is, if the only cameras that will have this sensor tech are the high big end, I think it doesn't make m43rds as micro nor competitive (for size) as it should.

An argument could be made for faster shutter readout for the smaller sensor at maybe a lower price but Sony sure has a fast FF sensor readout model now.

While this might be true, the cost of that Sony FF body could buy an entire kit in m43rds.

You do get what you pay for. And there's other Sony's not as expensive that also have faster shutter readout. The point is, I doubt t this 30 MP m43rds will be cheap, and as such will push the price well into FF territory options- we'll see I guess.

Ditto for APSC. Fuji VIDEO has gotten real good and the 26 MP sensor Fuji is using has a decently fast shutter speed.

And in all this we are comparing rumors of cameras that *do not exist* vs shipping cameras *today*. Something also to consider...

What I think is missed is that all camera companies invest in the sensors available at the time. So Olympus bought into a very fast sensor at the time, their next technology will be from the current batch.

Hm... I don't think I am missing anything. We have a few issues here-

m43rds sensor tech is behind APSC and FF at the moment.

We need to see what exactly the new sensor will bring

We are assuming that both APSC / FF sensors would remain still by then

Olympus / Panasonic need to pay Sony for the sensor. No payment, no sensor. That simple.

Economies of scale are in favor (hugely) of APSC development and now an influx of FF demand.

Again, we are going by a rumor of a future camera that who knows when it's out comparing vs shipping today, completely purchase-able cameras. Imagine if it was m43rds who was out with a very nice sensor today and some rumor was saying Fuji was coming out with a 50 MP APSC new sensor with super triad filtered noise reduction... as a rumor... would you honestly give them the same huge benefit of the doubt?

Only time will tell, but comparing the gh5, it was so far ahead of the pack that in many areas it is only just being caught. Companies take opportunities to invest, then profit from the tech. I am curious to see where Om has decided to go.

I am honestly not seeing what you are saying here has anything to do with what I said earlier. i.e. what you are saying rings true but I don't see how it change what I said.

Economy of size is with 4/3 though, as you get four times as many sensors from a wafer and that is before you take into account either yields or losses in wafer utilisation from trying to make big sensors on small wafers.

The silicon cost of 4/3 sensors is much lower. The problem is the fixed costs which means that once they move to a new sensor, they should deploy it on ALL their cameras as soon as possible, japanese tier thinking be damned.

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