Canon EOS R5 8K RAW Questions

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Re: Canon EOS R5 8K RAW Questions

FourSite wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:


I think I understand what you are asking here, unfortunately when shooting in 8K Raw it's DCI, you have to manually frame for UHD, there aren't any guidelines as its specific ask and I'm not sure of any cameras that shoot in DCI with guidelines for UHD. You're going to have do some guess work or as a quick fix maybe draw your own guidelines on a screen protector and use that,

Can I frame the shot with 8K UHD movie mode since it's 16:9 and then change the recording to 8K RAW? Then I'll just drop the video in a post-processing app, crop to 8K UHD since it's 16:9, and still get the same view as if I had filmed using 8K UHD mode in the camera? I'm assuming the framing and the view will be the same, but obviously I'll get a RAW video file, which is what I want.

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