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Re: Perfectly normal.

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I've just received my Z6, so I'm rather excited.

During my initial tests I've attached the 85mm 1.8F to the FTZ adapter. Using that setup I've noticed a longer (approx. one second?) clearly audible sound when switching on the Z6. I think this is normal since the adapter runs through some sort of initialization phase?

When the adapter is attached without lens the noise is substantially shorter.

When using the Z6 with the native 35mm 1.8S there is just a short (but still clearly audible) click when the camera is switched on.

Is this normal and expected behavior?

Thanks in advance!

PS. The 50mm 1.8F exhibits the same behavior as the 85mm 1.8F.

That's the sound of the mechanically linked aperture opening up. You can even see it: look at the front of your lens when you turn on the camera.

Any F-mount lens that is non-E (example, ends in "G") is going to exhibit this behavior.

The native Z lenses and "E" lenses on F-mount also obviously have an aperture, but it is all internal to the lens and electronically controlled by the camera. It is significantly faster and quieter.

So it's perfectly normal.

If you want, try this: take a look at the back of your F-mount lens (take the rear lens cap off). There, you'll see a little tab sticking up, on the right side between the glass and the metal mount. Try sliding it up & down with your finger. You'll see that this mechanically opens up the aperture on the lens. Native Z and E-type lenses don't have this.

For reference, take a look here:

Bravo, same problem here

Glad to know there's a reason behind it, I hope Nikon can fix it via fw somehow to avoid unnecessary noise when focusing isn't required.

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