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Re: Switching from Nikon Z6 to X-T4

Fuji Maine wrote:

The AF, especially eye AF on both cameras are equally unreliable. The Z6ii is definitely better than the XT4 with regards to AF but when comparing the first generation Z6 to the XT4 they are on par. Although limited the glass for the Nikon morrorless system is pretty darn great. Fuji isn't far behind most but the AF motor noise and speed is worse with Fuji when using fast aperture lenses. That said, Fuji certainly has a ton more options as Nikon is quite late to the party. Full frame vs crop sensor debates are what they are and apply to pretty much any FF vs APSC camera you compare. If you're at all concerned about video, the XT4 has a fairly significant leg up if you don't care about AF lenses. The Z6 definitely represents the generation of a few years ago with video specs and codecs if you don't care to use an external recorder. A good friend of mine swears by his Z6. When it comes to photos, his Z6 and latest Nikon glass bests my XT4 and it's not really close. When it comes to video, my XT4 pretty well destroys his Z6 but honestly without comparing them side to side you might think his Z6 videos are good... Right up until you see my XT4 videos.

To each their own. You could either rent or take advantage of most camera store's flexible return policy. You should honestly compare them side by side to see what your priorities are.

Thank you for the reply. I don't do much video but would like to learn more about video down the road. I've only been taking photos for a little over a year so still trying to get that down first, ha.

It seems like, from what you're saying, it probably isn't worth it to switch from my Z6 and all of my lenses over to the X-T4 since it seems like a lateral move (at best) in terms of photo.

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