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Re: First prod into Highlights Shadows

jlina wrote:

Excellent PP Jon! ...


... Would you say adjusting the highlights or shadows is comparable to adjusting EV lower? ...

Not really. See Labe's post below on his experiences using the "Panasonic" in-camera
"HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS", as have not used.

EV / EC adjustments affects the lighting adjustment(s) to the same amount to the entire image. Whereas with "HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS" the highlight setting (should) only adjust the highlight areas of the image; likewise the shadows setting (should) only affect the shadows areas of the image only.

...  unless you are shooting clouds is this even something that I should think about? ...

You should think about it when looking at any scene when the highlights are brighter and/ or the shadows are darker than the 'overall scene lighting' and using Evaluated Metering.

You need to remember the camera's sensor has a far less dynamic range (highlights/ shadows) than your eyes.

Hence why in your pics with light colored birds that were overexposed in the light, they've recommended using center-weighted or spot metering.


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