questions about purple halos on my Sigma 85mm lens

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Re: questions about purple halos on my Sigma 85mm lens

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My copy of the Art 85mm was never that bad, in fact that's by far the worst LoCA I've seen on shots from the Art 85mm (even if it is wide open. I recommend stopping down the lens, do some test shots at f1.8, f2, f2.8 and see what happens. This is a shot I did with my Art 85mm on a Nikon Z7 at f2:

I haven't found a great way to reduce the fringing in PixInsight, the fringing sliders in Lightroom do the best job (but you have to be very careful not to remove nebula color). Really the best strategy is to just avoid shooting lenses with such bad LoCA, either stop the lens down or get another copy. IMO you got a really bad copy of this lens, I haven't ever seen such poor LoCA from the 85mm before.

Very nice photo btw. Might I ask where in Utah this was taken?

Unfortunately this is an area I keep unposted due to the delicate nature of the land surrounding it (which is being destroyed by atv/OHV use after losing it's protective status a little over a year ago), it's not that hard to find with some googling, but the less it's out there on the webs the better for the landscape. Given what's happened to a lot of very sensitive places in the state I've really reverted to not sharing specific locations, we're really being overrun all over in Utah, just widespread use and abuse by people who have no respect for the land. It's heartbreaking seeing some areas I used to be able to escape to completely overrun with lots of damage to the landscapes.

Not hard to find with some Googling? No kidding. I found the butte in less than a minute using a two-word Google search and the route you likely took to get to your shooting location in a couple more minutes using Google Maps.

Because of the sheer prevalence of sharing images today on the Internet containing beautiful landscapes, such locations are being visited more and more (not as much lately in the pandemic, obviously). People are literally loving these places to death. And this, unfortunately, has also involved nightscape photographers. As I am sure you are aware since you live (I assume) in or near Utah, because of the poor behaviour of certain nightscape photographers, compounded by the sheer number of people today doing such astrophotography, certain national parks now have rules against practices like light painting. (I was never a fan of that in any case.)

Astoundingly good image, btw.

No doubt, I used to explore the area a lot as a kid some 25 years ago and NOBODY knew about it. It's frustrating seeing all these places get advertised to death and then you go down there are see destruction of fragile soils, garbage everywhere, literal human feces, and all for what? The instagram shot. Escalante and Coyote Gulch have especially been crushed in the last 2-3 years, it actually blows my mind how much that area has changed in less than 5 years.

I also never was a fan of light painting, honestly I'm one who just needs to appreciate a landscape in its naturally starlit state. Nothing frustrates me more than scouting a location and putting in a lot of work to get a composition only for someone to stroll up with their 10 million lumen candle mega-flashlight flashing all over the place. In my many years of doing night photography I'm quite amazed at the number of insanely inconsiderate and flat out rude night photographers I've come across. It's an interesting time as a night photographer, the popularity has definitely exploded in recent years and it'll be interesting to see how it continues.

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