FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

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Re: Birds - distance - and Highlights Shadows on FZ330

Hi Mike! there is a really upscale restaurant in Galveston that has let the seagull situation get out of hand it is actually miserable to eat on their balcony now they have tried a lot of remedies but haven't managed to fix it..... Sorry about her lunch!

I like number two better but I don't know what a blown highlight is. I just don't see it I will enlarge the photos and study it some more the reflection and number two of the sky is much prettier. I have to stop or soon I will be shooting in vivid with plus saturation and high contrast! Oh, noooooooo....

I did wonder in your example yesterday which photo of the blue car was more real to life... the one that was the second try that had a bit more scratches and duller paint? in other words besides which was the better photo which one look more like what your eyes see?

It was super nice of Paul the post all that I learned a lot here! I think all these little tips and tricks make us better overall photographers. Or at least they help set the mood you want more quickly.

Hope you've had a great day!

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