FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

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Re: Birds - distance - and Highlights Shadows on FZ330

jlina wrote:

Hi, Mike!

The seagull was the right distance, it was just a stormy day - wrong time for the concept lol! Thanks for these - I was wondering how you get 15' from a bird

The detail on the seagull isn't bad considering the distance and light.

LOL . . . . Jenny got much too close to a seagull once. She was sitting next to me at the seaside, about to eat a hot sausage roll, waiting for it to cool down enough.

The seagull, from behind us, flew low over Jenny's left shoulder and took the whole sausage roll out of her hand.

It landed about 12 feet away in front of us, and slowly but surely swallowed the whole hot sausage roll in one piece. I could hardly believe it. We wanted it to choke but it didn't!

Here are 3 pics, my usual current settings but with 3 Highlights Shadows settings, per the captions. SOOC, just reduced to 1500 pixels high for posting.


Highlights 0, Shadows 0


Highlights +2, Shadows -2 . . . higher contrast per Labe


Highlights -2, Shadows +2 . . . lower contrast ("flat") per Labe.

I like the first one = Highlights Shadows Off.

(OMIGOD a blown highlight!!!! Great weeping and gnashing of teeth).



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