I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

tqlla wrote:

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tqlla wrote:

Ricky 92rt wrote:

It's an up sell tactic from Sony. Do you think it's coincidence that it's working with "the more expensive bodies"?. The A6600 being the same hardware as the A6400 and 6100. Has nothing to do with battery they can drive the LAEA4 as can the previous A6300/6500

Sony don't want it to work with the cheaper stuff. Hard to find any other conclusion.

I agree, its such and obvious and jerk move by Sony. Just like that F3.5 limitation, which was debunked on the original A77.

The only dick move by Sony is that they never explained the technical reason for the limitation.

There was never a good marketing reason for the F3.5 limitation.

You mean there was never a good marketing excuse. There was NO technical reason for the F3.5 limitation. The original A77 COULD AF without the F3.5 limitation using a combination of button presses. That loophole was closed via a firmware.

We don't know that. Nobody ever did exhaustive autofocus testing at various apertures to check if it would work well with every combination.

It would be better if Sony came out and said that it wasn't possible for this and that reason rather than leave us guessing and assuming it was greed.

There's something maybe worth checking out. The camera reads lens ROM data constantly. If there is an adapter that would pretend it's changing the max and min aperture, the camera could be fooled into setting exactly the aperture you want while still retaining AF.

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