Exposure on Nikon F3

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Re: Exposure on Nikon F3

TJer wrote:

You may find it much easier to predict your results by adding or subtracting stops with your compensation than to “push” or “pull” your ISO/ASA. In either case it may wise to bracket your exposures depending on your confidence in your exposure.

If you insist on “pushing and pulling”, you may want to get yourself a handheld light meter or add an app to your phone to do the same (as I do).

The apps are very inexpensive and, from my experience, really reliable. My favorite apps are the “MyLightMeter” $1.99 or $3.99 for the “Pro” version (preferred); and “theLightMeterWheel” $1.99; both of which are available from the App Store (sorry, don’t know about non-Apple availability). There are many more but these are the most accurate from my experience and actual use.

Hope this helps!

Grazie for your suggestions

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