I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Some person sells an mod for the LA-EA4 to work without a mirror.... and you think that Sony hasnt figured out how to get the LA-EA5 to work with screw drive lenses A7iii?

And LA-EA4r works about as well as you'd expect for an adapter that makes the camera pretend it's driving a SSM/SAM lens. Which is to say, not that good.

Sony can't just release a half-finished product without proper support for older bodies and claim it's compatible.

But releasing a half baked adapter limited to two cameras at the time, that's acceptable? Then they hide the fact that its limited to those two bodies(now 3). And I am pretty sure they said something about stay tuned for compatibility updates, and they never updated sheet.

At minimum, the LA-EA5 should work with Gen3 or current model cameras. Being limited to the most ridiculous bodies(A1, A7Riv and A6600) is just ridiculous.

Even you realize that their reasons for limiting the LA-EA5 to the A7Riv/A6600/A1 are not technical. I dont understand why you would defend that.

It's an up sell tactic from Sony. Do you think it's coincidence that it's working with "the more expensive bodies"?. The A6600 being the same hardware as the A6400 and 6100. Has nothing to do with battery they can drive the LAEA4 as can the previous A6300/6500

I believe it's due to time constraints. So when engineers were only given enough time to work on one FF and one APS-C body, they naturally chose the highest end ones (however, not A92, but A7R4), otherwise there would be huge customer backlash from owners of those most expensive cameras.

Ignoring FF for a while, look at APS-C. If engineers had time for just one camera, which one should they have picked?
Answer? A6600. It's a current camera with the latest AF system. A6500 has an older AF system, A6400 and below do not have IBIS.

Looking at FF, I know it's tempting to think that A73 (and hence, A7C since they share the same underpinnings) should be given support, but if there are valid technical reasons that make the A7R4 easier to work with, there's no question why it was the one selected. A7R4 is Sony's highest res body, so it can get the last bit of sharpness from the two most important lenses supported (85 ZA and 135 ZA).

As for A1, when it was released, it would be extremely odd for it to not support the adapter.

I wholeheartedly agree...

-Martin P

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