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Re: *Positive 'Reviews' Are More Common*

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

There are no rules governing how lengthy or comprehensive any review should be, but I often wonder how negative short scribes like yours can possibly be of any real value to anyone. With no elaboration to such a flippant paragraph, we cannot possibly conclude whether your unit was faulty, or if you never really got to grips with operating the FZ300.

Was your zoom extending out to 600mm because of an occasionally reported fault? Or did you by any chance have zoom resume engaged in the menu? Then again, did you mistakenly keep hitting that ‘funky thumb zoom system’ (as you put it in your previous thread [linked below] asking for advice on which camera to replace your FZ35 with, and which it seemed didn’t impress you even before you bought the FZ300)?


You say you experienced focus problems. Whilst DFD tech is known to hiccup now and again, in what situations did these problems arise? Regardless of how often they occurred, what size focus box did you use – large, medium, small? Did you shoot single focus box or multipoint? Did the problems occur with face detection engaged? Did you select AFS or AFC on the rear dial? Did you select continuous focus in the menu? Etc? Etc?

You also said in your previous thread: “Had little time to play with the camera, but still not dialled in as there is lots it can do.”

Did you eventually get to grips with all that the FZ300 can do? Or did you not use it often enough to be truly familiar with the camera?

You say results in low light were poor. What to you is low light? A cloudy day? Dusk? Darkness? Compared to what other cameras were those results poor – your three Nikon DSLSs or your old FZ35? If the former, then that’s to be expected, as you probably know.

If the latter, then I must contest that. I owned and used a FZ38 (35) for two years. It was a great camera in its time and I really liked it, but the FZ300 is better in every way and produces cleaner photographic results in all conditions at all ISO settings. Did you leave your FZ300 set to shoot at in-camera defaults in terms of noise reduction, sharpening, etc? Or did you make tweaks to bring the best out of the camera? What’s your favourite mode of shooting? PASM? IA?

I could go on and on asking questions that could all have been unnecessary had appropriate information been supplied in a review (?) that has no example photos upon which conclusions can be made about either the camera or the capabilities of its user.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m always left feeling short-changed by ‘reviews’ (?) that contain no photographic backup to either praise or critique of the camera being covered.

Admittedly there are odd FZ300s out there that are faulty straight out of the box, or that go on to develop problems through usage, as my first one did after around 2 years of use and some 100,000 shutter actuations. That still didn’t prevent me from buying a second one, though, and which I’ve now used for two years with no sign of problems to date. By and large, Panasonic FZ300s are very reliable cameras and it’s a very popular model indeed.

Don’t get me wrong. I get that you may genuinely have had a poor experience with your camera. But you might have been better served airing your views in the Panasonic forum before giving up the ghost and writing such a sketchy opinion as the one above.

Not to worry though, can’t win ‘em all. Good luck with your next ‘back up, or light travel camera’, whatever that may be.

Cheers and all the best.

PS: Readers interested in other views regarding the FZ300 are more than welcome to click

Here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63244070

Here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4393266

And Here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3982417

No images are included in the last one, but at least the user’s opinions are balanced.

Happy shooting to all…

I agree.

There are way more positive reviews than negative ones of the fz300 all over the internet.

That is the main reason I bought one this week.

Very few complaints from most users. Loads praise it highly for its class.

At the end of the day faults can develop in any electrical product at any time.

It is unclear that the camera reviewed above was faulty.

When buying a camera I test it rigidly under the 30 day return policy.

After that it is covered by the 12 month warranty. This can be extended for extra assurance if needed.

I have bought many electrical products from many makers over the years.

I find Panasonic cameras no less and probably more reliable than Sony. Canon. Nikon or others. My G9 is superb.

Early days with my new fz300. But so far very impressed with ergonomics and build quality for the price.

I will judge IQ and the rest starting from this weekend.

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