Beware of triangular pins holding strap

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Re: Beware of triangular pins holding strap

Greg7579 wrote:

Morey - You are aware of my Fuji metal triangle rants that I have been routinely doing for 6 years right?

The metal triangles are one of the great Fuji mysteries of all time. I understand Fuji finally made the lug holes bigger on the GFX 100s, but they are still shipping those horrible metal triangles.

It is really unbelievable.

But I must say, for them both to fail at the same time is amazing. What happens usually is people bend them open a bit because they are hard to install and over time the metal triangle can work its way off the lug.

Use PD straps with the cords. They can be threaded through but it takes determination, needle-nose plyers, Vaseline and fishing line.

Or get some round lug rings and use the Gordy round rubber bumpers like Chris taught us 30 months ago.

Great minds...

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