I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

toughluck wrote:

tqlla wrote:

Ricky 92rt wrote:

It's an up sell tactic from Sony. Do you think it's coincidence that it's working with "the more expensive bodies"?. The A6600 being the same hardware as the A6400 and 6100. Has nothing to do with battery they can drive the LAEA4 as can the previous A6300/6500

Sony don't want it to work with the cheaper stuff. Hard to find any other conclusion.

I agree, its such and obvious and jerk move by Sony. Just like that F3.5 limitation, which was debunked on the original A77.

The only dick move by Sony is that they never explained the technical reason for the limitation.

There is no technical limitation, you can jam open the aperture lever and shoot wide open with AF on any lens, Sony just hamstrung it (probably to push E Mount more or make it more appealing)

Contrary to what you might think, Sony doesn't have very good fortune tellers on their payroll.

A77 was released in 2011 alongside NEX-7. Both had similar capabilities, but NEX-7 didn't have that many lenses for filming (aside from 18-200 which was specifically designed for filming with power zoom).

A77 also didn't have manual audio levels, still waiting for that firmware update lol

Point is there was no aperture limitation on that body for E Mount

A year later, Sony released A99 and touted its video capabilities. It took them another year to release the A7 and A7R, and 1.5 years to release A7S.

I remember the A99 AF-D fiasco too well so do others, so little support for many it wasn't even worth bothering with

A99ii also had it's not supported hybrid AF erm again that was another let's cripple it a bit, let's put people off third party lenses.

Remind us what firmware update the A99ii got. High end expensive flagship camera

Result= A bug fix lol

There was never a good marketing reason for the F3.5 limitation.

Claiming otherwise is arguing that A77 and A99 would somehow cannibalize sales of A6000, A7, A7R and A7S which were still 1-2.5 years away from their A mount equivalents.

Never underestimate the ability of Sony to cripple things

The LAEA5 is a crippled adapter, we know all these screw drive lenses can AF with video. We know even older bodies can support AF with screw drive (aka monster adapter)

So the result is the same, it is Sony's choice to only have 3 bodies working with screw drive AF. Do you think it's a surprise that they happen to be the more expensive ones?

It's a deliberate choice, result is they'll get a lot of returns and 1 or 2 star reviews lol

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