I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

tqlla wrote:

Lensmate wrote:

Ricky 92rt wrote:

Seriously nobody cares about the offer, I just posted it to show how little Sony grasp about A mount users needs. Even someone who was part time certified, would pass that deal up, it's borderline insulting at best unless you have a busted up A700

No drama from anyone just calling it as it is, badly thought out adapter with so limited compatibility it's of little interest to most users. I don't care much I can get s/h gear for the next 20 years if I needed to, what's around is sufficient for most users needs.

If Sony don't want to appeal to A mount users in a serious way that's their problem. like i said it's kinda embarrassing a couple of guys can hack an LAEA4 and get better results than Sony can.

Talking about thinking things through properly, you still don't get it not even close

I'm sure the warehouse it filling up with returned LAEA5's quite nicely by now, that's their problem. It's pretty obvious why it's getting bad reviews from buyers

Its only getting bad reviews from peeps that didn't look into it enough. I see good reviews from those that DID think it through.

Sony clearly states limitations with cameras and lenses. I don't believe they have to hold everyone's hands throughout the process, as they are too busy bringing first class cameras and lenses to those that are interested in the latest and greatest.

-Martin P

Why should people have to click through a maze to figure out what Cameras are compatible with the LA-EA5. Sony could just write. AF with screw driven lenses is only compatible with the A1, A7Riv and the A6600. They could even put it in the fine print.

But instead the information is hidden. A user has to know which page to start at and the correct sequence of pages they need to jump through.

  1. https://www.sony.com/electronics/converters-mount-adapters/la-ea5
  2. Click on compatibility
  3. Click on Select model.... whoops Wrong page. Start over
  4. Click on interchangeable lens
  5. Click on a lens .... whoops. No info there. Start over.
  6. Click on Body,
  7. Click on emount camera
  8. Click on a Camera body.... whoops no info there either.

Wow it is so easy to get ZERO compatibility information.

People rightfully expect that the Adapter will work with at least current cameras(A7iii/A9/A9ii/A7Siii/A7C). Sony hides the lack of functionality through a maze of pages. That 2 star rating is well deserved.

So I did. I clicked on the link:


Suppose I have A73. I hover over "body" and clik "Interchangeable Lens Camera". Next I click ILCE-7M3 and I see:

I click "Lenses Compatibility" and I get this new page:


I click, for example, SAL135F18Z and see this:


  • Autofocus cannot be used.
  • Available with a Mount Adaptor.
  • Operation sound of the diaphragm is recorded with the internal microphone.
  • Outside the A (Aperture priority), S (Shutter priority), and M (Manual) modes, the shutter speed and the aperture can not be adjusted during the movie recording.
  • If you attach the [A-mount lens] using the Mount Adaptor, MF assist function does not work automatically when you turn the focus ring. You can enlarge the image by selecting [Focus Magnifier] function or [MF Assist] function to any key in the "Custom Key Settings"

Doesn't get much clearer than this.

I mean, sure, there are people who don't think twice about spending 250 bucks on a whim, but I don't, so I would check this first.

Suppose you have one or two lenses, so you might want to check them first. You click "Interchangeable Lens [A-mount] Compatibility Information" and select SAL135F18Z, get this:

And you're presented with this page:


You can click on any body and if AF is not available, you get this in the first position:

  • Autofocus cannot be used.

How much clearer do you need it to be?

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