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" So how much of a difference is there? And is the EVF that much better/different on the sx70?"

Although there's a difference in image quality between the two models, I never would have noticed if I hadn't done a comparison between the two by taking photographs of the same things at the same settings. Photos from my second SX70 are better than those from the first (which is what I used for the comparison shoot), so I would say that my second SX70 is the equal of the SX50. Variations between individual cameras/lenses of all makes/models are not unusual.

I wear glasses at all times and the EVF on the SX70 is a GREAT improvement over that on the SX50. Normally I always use the EVF for photos and only use the LCD for ground level photos of wildflowers, mosses and the like.

Most of my photos are of wildlife, but I also take a lot of photographs of plants from trees to lichens; waterfalls are also a subject of interest.

If you want to see photos from my SX70s check my blog posts from the past 18 months where virtually all of the still photos are from the SX70 (some recent images are from a Lumix GX85 {the flying eagle and a couple of the last elk photos}, the videos are from commercial camera traps). For a variety of samples check the four A Naturalist's Year posts -- just remember that the images have been severely compressed for posting.

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