70-200 f4 or 70-300mm

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Re: 70-200 f4 or 70-300mm (Z-Mount)

cosmicnode wrote:

msu79gt82 wrote:

cosmicnode wrote:

msu79gt82 wrote:

I assume the poll is for potentially future Z-Mount lenses since you said "add to the lens roadmap"

I can't vote since there isn't an "appropriate" choice, although Not Interested is probably the closest at the moment.

That is why I included a "not interested" if you don't want either of these lenses. Neither exist on the current roadmap. if the 70-300 was on the roadmap we could have a poll against the 100-400.

And that's why I added the "at the moment" in italics. I'm not totally prepared to say I'm definitely not interested in a Z 70-200 f/4 S lens. In fact the 70-200f/4 was a favored lens on my old D600. As I admitted I was very interested in a Z version in the first year of the Z System, but lately I'm pondering the 100-400 S-Line.

I previously owned the F-Mount 70-200f/4 and in the not too distant past, I convinced myself that I really wanted a Z 70-200f/4 S. But as time goes on I'm rethinking this option. I'm currently pondering the Z 24-105 S along with the Z 100-400 S.

I suppose the decision will await the release (and subsequent evaluations) of the Roadmap 24-105 and 100-400 along with the new Roadmap(s).

For now, I'm content using the F-Mount 70-300/AF-P.

I did go ahead a cast a vote for the Z 70-200 as I must confess that would be a possibility. But at this time I have no interest in a Z 70-300.

The idea of the poll was not to vote on a possibility that would be produced, but on what lens YOU would like to have produced and included in a future roadmap, I included the third option for those who would not want either lens. You may be more interested in a 100-400, but that is a lens already on the roadmap which is going to be produced, and why it is not in the poll.

Then perhaps a Don’t Know or Not Sure option was needed because I AM Interested but not sure.

I’ve withdrawn my vote.

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