Show us one picture you're most proud of (and why it's special)

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Triple Rainbow.

Taken in Kwajalein Atoll one late afternoon, about 30 mins. before sunset. I usually go and watch sunset every afternoon on the same spot on the north side of the island. That particular day, it just finished raining when I got to my spot, sat down and started relaxing facing west waiting for the sun to set. Suddenly, I heard some voices and I started to look around, left, right and behind when I noticed the the rainbow to the right of me where the voices are coming from. At first I was just admiring the double rainbow. But as I was looking and staring, I saw the middle section with started to produce a very very slight rainbow'ish color. By the time I realized it, it was fading fast, I swung mg my camera that was on a tripod and quickly fired several shots. Did not even bother with composition. I just want to get that triple rainbow but the middle one was almost gone. Also to my surprise, the voices I heard belong to a couple ladies, one taking a photo while the other is modeling. NOT the best composition, NOT the sharpest nor best IQ. BUT it's the BEST moment at the time as I don't think I will never see a triple rainbow again. (Image was cropped)

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