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1080p video comparison

After assessing still image quality I've now moved on to video, and was particularly interested in how the ultra-wide compared to the 1x zoom. I'm only really interested in 1080p, as it's not worth me having to manage huge 4K files for my casual smartphone videography needs.

After doing such a terrible job in my stills comparison, I really thought the ultra-wide lens would perform much better in a 1080p video comparison given the low resolution required. Boy was I wrong - it's hideous beyond belief. Check out the 100% crops below - with my RX10 IV thrown in for comparison:

1080p video stills comparison - 100% crops

Given Huawei market the ultra-wide lens as 'cinematic' and the ultra-wide at 1080p is the default video setting, I'm flabbergasted by this result. What on earth are Huawei thinking?

At least the 1x zoom lens is better - not as much detail as my RX10 IV, but stabilisation is in a different league.

I was expecting much more from the ultra-wide though, given the praise I've seen for it on GSM Arena and DXO.  For me it's dead-set useless in stills and video.

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