I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

SQLGuy wrote:


13 reviews, less than 2 stars average.

Maybe if more people write, or upvote, reviews complaining about the lack of wider support for screw drive lenses, Sony might get to hear that... since it's on their site.

I had Minolta then Sony for too long lol Thanks OP but sadly it was never possible for users to vote on/off SONY.

One thing with Sony is they NEVER listen to us users (yes you paid ... but they want you keep on paying more $$$), especially when it comes to firmware updates for any reason.

The only exception for recent years was A9 (it got v6 with feature added and kinks all worked out lol), logically it was demanded by Olympic game but was delayed by Covid, not by you and me.

In general to use adapted lenses on Sony mirror-less, you will have much better "luck" with Canon/Sigma lenses + Metabones/MC11 than LA-EA1/2/3/4 + A mount lenses on FE Sony body. Why? It is Sony just did not bother try harder, for commercial reasons.

I have several FE bodies already. And I may keep couple SSM lenses plus SZ135F1.8 to stay on A99M2. After all, my plan is to get rid of most of my A mount screw driven lenses and to move on.

If you did not collect any cheapo screw driven A mount lenses yet, then avoid them and stay with SSM or Canon lens, the LA-EA3 or Metabone/MC11 work just fine. The AF has more to do with the lens.

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