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Woody S wrote:

Elliern wrote:

Well...on an impulse I purchased a used Canon sx50 from KEH!
I still have fond memories of my old one so I just did it. But feel safe since I have bought from them before and they have a great return policy.

I really liked my original SX50 and had another that I'd barely used; the original began having lens extension issues after about 150,000 clicks. That's when I bought my first SX70 and decided to sell the barely used SX50 and now have two SX70s. Although the SX50s' images were slightly better than the SX70s', the difference in the EVF between the two models is enough to make the SX70 my go-to camera for hiking and biking. My first SX70 probably now has taken about 60,000 photos and is still going strong.

Thanks Woody.  I should get the sx50 on Saturday. Supposed to rain all weekend so may be Monday before I can try it out.  Obviously you like the sx70 better than your sx50.  One reason I decided to buy the sx50 was because I read that it had better image quality than the sx70, just as you discovered.  So how much of a difference is there?  And is the EVF that much better/different on the sx70?  I never really got a chance to use the sx70 since it was defective.  Are there any other advantages to the 70?  What do you mostly shoot on your hikes, scenery, wildlife or both? Nice to hear how much you are enjoying your two cameras.  
I am wanting to shoot mostly birds of all sizes, and flowers.  And great doorways when I find them.

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