Lens Adapters and Infinity

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Re: Lens Adapters and Infinity

It's only  problem with my 24mm. I think this stuff gets more critical with wider lenses but from my tests it was so far from what the other lenses were doing I'm pretty sure the lens itself has a minor issue. My other lenses were all bang on with the stacked adapters. I tested my Fotodiox F to L adapter today with all my  Nikon lenses (except the 24 which is at service). They all focused past infinity. I'd guess this adapter is designed that way. And it is likely the stacked adapters would probably be a tad longer. I've decided to have the lens adjusted. If  it now focuses past infinity somewhat under no adapter application, i.e. on a Nikon camera it's not the end of the world. For sure that is less of an issue than not reaching infinity. I may still shop for a quality  F to L adapter. Having 2 stacked also introduces issues of compounding any slop in the fit of the mounts. Not a good thing when using a follow focus. Even my Fotodiox F to L adapter is too loose for my liking.

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