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I even (Grandpa is talking, so listen) worked in the analogue time....

Me too (but no grandfather yet). But what did I do with my analogue cameras and lenes when I bought my first digital camera, the Sigma SD10? Exactly. I put them somewhere in a cupboard and never touched them again. For some of the lenses I even purchased an adapter, but the results were unsatisfactory overall, mostly due to focusing issues.

But the SD10 suffered a similar fate than the analogue cameras that came before it when I bought the SD1 Merrill. Some of the lenses as well.

The SD10 is a great tool!!

Yes, certainly. But as I wrote further above, on a contempory monitor an image from it fills a quarter of the srceen. Sure, people have printed large formats with the pre-Merrill Sigmas. This forum was full of threads about it back in those days. Others have composed "gigpixel panoramas" with it by taking pictures for half an afternoon and spending the entire weekend processing them. With enough dedication almost everything is possible. But my current smartphone can do better than that in just a minute. Sorry SD10 (I still have mine) but time does not stand still. And then there were days when I really hated my SD10. The never ending battery problems. I remember carrying the camera, a large tripod, a bag of lenses and at least 5 sets of charged batteries up a mountain in Switzerland on a hot summer day. Overall I got less then 50 pictures before all batteries were flat. For I moment I thought about throwing it down a cliff, but luckily - for the camera and for them - I saw some hikers down below before it was too late

And the SD lenses are still great.

They are great lenses for the SD10, 14, 15, ... but unfortunately not so much for the fine pixels of the later Merrill and Quattro models. There may be are a few exceptions. But the newer "Art" lenses are just so much better. And then, the older Sigma lenses are not the most mechanically reliable ones out there. In two of my favotite lenses from my SD10 (the 2.8/50mm DG macro and the 2.8/105mm DG macro, certainly not cheap back then) the plastic focusing gears disintegrated. They are both manual focus only now... The price of repair would by far exceed their value.

So yes, an SD10 with a good lens can take wonderful pictures. I will not give mine away. But no, I would not recommend it to anybody in 2021. Unless it is sold at a super bargain price and the person has the necessary patience to work around it's quirks.



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