I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

toughluck wrote:

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Lensmate wrote:

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IMO, they just limit A-mount lenses because they have some resentment or hatred towards us.

That's laughable...

Companies don't shoot themselves in the foot period!

-Martin P

Companies can and do shoot themselves in the foot all the time.

So you are telling me that when a company brings out a new, improved product, they should undercut it with their older product because it might upset a few peeps....?

I don't think so...!

-Martin P

Its called building good will. Fun fact, that usually helps your sales.

Canon isnt afraid of their old lenses hurting sales. There are probably 100x more Canon 24-70mm F2.8 lenses available in the wild compared to Sony Zeiss.

But here is Sony, consistently putting arbitrary limits on the A-mount. They didnt have to keep that F3.5 limit on the A99ii, it wasnt a threat to E-mount. But they did it anyways as a final kick in the teeth.

Now the LA-EA5's screw drive compatibility is limited to 3 cameras. They are just being jerks at this point. John Rando was able to get an LA-EA4 to AF without a mirror. Sony could do it too, but they choose to limit it to 3 camera's.

Where did you read that definitely, in no uncertain terms, Sony is not going to offer a firmware upgrade for older cameras to support LA-EA5 AF with screw drive lenses?

He's making a reasoned assumption. After 6 months even new cams like the A7c and A7sIII still don't work with the LAEA5 for screw AF lenses. Don't have to be a genius to see that Sony apparently are limiting it's use with screw drive AF - for whatever reason to the more expensive crop/FF bodies

Let's hope we're wrong on this. Gotta say though there is probably no technical reason why those 2 can't work with it, nor the A6100/6400 (same generation as A6600 same AF system processor etc)

It looks like a ploy to sell more expensive E Mount bodies to heavily invested A Mount users. If monster can hack an LAEA4 and give AF on even older bodies like the A7ii etc, with screw drive lenses, it is obvious Sony are crippling the adapters on purpose

BTW it is fairly clear why the reviews are 1 or 2 stars because people bought the adapter expecting it to work with their lenses, and it erm doesn't. It's far from clear either on the product page you have to dig in deep to find the reality that most bodies won't work with screw drive lenses for AF.

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