Sigma fp L camera reveal next week

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Scottelly wrote:

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Latest from Nokashita:

シグマ「fp L」が2499ドル、「fp L EVFキット」が2999ドル、「EVF-11」が699ドルで海外の販売店に追加されました。#噂
Translated from Japanese by
The Sigma "fp L" has been added to overseas retailers for $ 2,499, the "fp L EVF Kit" for $ 2,999, and the "EVF-11" for $ 6,99.#噂

At $2499 it may be either an attempt to get big market share quickly or may simply mean that the changes are not as significant as hoped. I'm less excited.


I'm not sure what you hoped for. All that the rumours seemed to say was that there would be a new and better sensor, which should solve the flash sync limitation.

That's quite a big jump up in price, if the rumour is true -- we are now talking about twice what I paid for the sdQH. Inflation has been very low in recent years.

Don Cox

If indeed there will be an announcement of a 60 MP fp camera from Sigma, and if it resolves as much detail as a Sony A7r IV, then why shouldn't it cost as much as the Sony, when sold in a kit with the viewfinder? It's smaller, lighter, and can be used without the viewfinder to be even smaller and lighter.

Yes, I know, the Sony has a tilt screen, but it doesn't have a tilting viewfinder, and it doesn't shoot 12 bit raw 4K video either. I'm sure it is probably faster, focuses better/quicker, and has better IBIS, but I guess that's how it goes, when you buy your sensors from yourself. Maybe the Sigma will offer better color than the Sony . . . and remember that some day we may end up with an fp with a Foveon sensor in it.

It will also be the smallest and lightest high resolution camera.

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