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jlina - Re:

"Sorry Mike but I have no idea what you're talking about with depth of field here it doesn't have a good depth of field? because my camera goes to f11 and if you would take a shot and show me what you're talking about I'm sure I could replicate it. it was probably after I returned the camera that people start talking about depth of field on small sensors."

All other things being equal - target, f-stop, distance and focal length - smaller sensor means deeper depth of focus.

I meant that the FZ1000-ii had handled depth of focus well on your flower - a DSLR with larger sensor would have given a shallower depth of focus. All other things being equal.

The FZ330 would have given a deeper depth of focus. All other things being equal.

Which is "better" is a daft question - it depends on what depth of focus you want.

I was not attacking the FZ1000-ii, as you appear to have taken it, I said:

"This pic shows a big advantage that our compact cameras have over large-sensor DSLRs - relatively deep depth of focus."

"Compact cameras" referred to your FZ1000-ii.


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