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Re: OMDS sales revenue in 2021 should increase from world travelers

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This shows how important camera sales in Japan are to Olympus:

Source: Olympus, camera sales revenue

The second quarter of 2020 saw the worst drop in the world’s economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

2021 should be the best world wide recovery exceeding 1946.

In years to come we’ll all look back and remember, there was this little Coronavirus that hammered the economies of ALL markets, until vaccines made it just a memory.

Olympus weathered that pandemic amazingly well.

the best thing about the pandemic was that it destroyed the fossil fuel cartels- permanently.

I'm not sure about this rosy outlook though, pandemics may become more and more common.

Just suppose that you are a young married man, and you lost one of of your grandparents to the virus, your wife lost her job awhile, but now since everybody in the family has been vaccinated your wife wants you to take the kids to see Disney World in America.

One would use your current generation iPhone or Android to take photos that don't need editing and are pleasing to view on a screen with great colors and expanded dynamic range, which get automatically uploaded to the cloud service of your choice for easy viewing and sharing.

I have the suspicion that you haven't actually seen a smartphone camera since like the early 2010's.

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