FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

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Re: FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

I tried using it just before sunset, i think it was maybe 5 minutes before, forest was dark and i was heading back home, then i saw wood pidgeon (i assume) siting on a branch and last sun rays hit him (well, head was in a shade unfortunately). Not a great picture by any means (look at the branches sticking from its head), and could be cropped and pp it to look bit better i think (maybe i will) or shot in raw for even better quality (maybe). But even in near dark conditions i was able to use ISO 100 (somehow.. if it was cloudy day and not this last sun light, camera would propose like 1600 ISO), and get a detailed picture. OOC not cropped.

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