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Decision Time

Harry799 wrote:

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I try to buy everything I can used, and due the the forthcoming Nikon upgrade there are going to be a ton of D850's on eBay. Already are actually, I got a second one last week.

There are plenty of photographers out there who seriously enjoy having the latest model, who don't actually use their equipment that much, and who will be looking to upgrade. This is an outstanding time to consider a lightly used low mileage D850.

Absolutely agree,.....after read all info n advice from all, I have decide to follow on to D850 path, and last night did think same way as you.......

With the new Z7II and upcoming new successor of D850 ,....the price surely will drop further, and good for me...... lol

Awaiting for used D850 w/mint condition......

Nice to hear your decision of NOT making the built-in flash as the deal breaker.
I agree that the D850 is far better than your current D800E,  however,  it seems to me that you may not have explored and used the many features of your current D800E.  Based on you NOT being a Professional Photographer and your narrative of the incidents you consider to be a problem,  I doubt D850 will make those issues vanish.
If you intend to stick with Nikon Full-frame DSLR,  consider using your Nikkor 24-70mm lens as your "walk-about" lens.  Whenever you encounter what you consider an "issue",  research the internet using Google or any search engine. for TUTORIALS on the specific issue.  To be a good photographer requires investment in TIME and EFFORT. 
It seems to me that you are confusing your WANT to your NEED. . . . think about it!

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