FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

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Re: FZ300.. Full-size out-of-camera jpgs (Pt.1)

jlina wrote:

Hi John! I'm always wondered about the weather sealing...how much does it matter when Stevie literally told me to take photos only on sunny days to avoid disappointment?

as you see in the original picture on this thread cloudy gloomy day is really affect the photos from the 300....

So unless you're taking the camera canoeing how is it a big benefit if you don't have the light?

Hope you're having a great day!

To clarify:

When I initially suggested you reserve your FZ300 for shooting primarily in good light, I wasn’t being critical of its abilities to render detail in low light. I was referring to how much better images look in good light due to higher levels of contrast, which are the conditions I much prefer and recommend anyone else to shoot under. If you shoot in dull conditions, you get appropriate results. Shoot in good light, you should get appropriate results, too. I always prefer the latter.

Ultimately, the FZ300 records what it reads, be it fog, murk or brighness.

As I've said before, that goes for any camera, including the FZ300, 1000, 1000 2, 2000 and even models with much larger sensors. Yes, I stated: “…FZ’s like this really are fine/bright-weather cameras and best used accordingly…”

But what I wrote both before and after that were crucial elements to my overall advice, which was intended for interpretation as a whole.

Quite simply, you gave the impression earlier on in the thread linked below that you expected the FZ300 to be able to enhance scenes that lacked light and contrast and were generally lacklustre. I was merely attempting to assure you that no camera whatsoever can really do that.

For complete clarification, the full post in which 'I first' made that suggestion to you can be read here:


Note that for anyone seeking the best possible results, I would also give the same advice to any owner of the FZ1000 (2). Quite simply, it's the light that makes images pop in most cases, although folks are more than welcome to shoot under any conditions they fancy. If dull and dingy floats one's boat, then dull and dingy is fine - at least for he or she who likes it.

As for the usefulness of FZ300 weather sealing, it can shower with rain in between brighter spells (often here in the UK), in which case we don’t have to shield the camera as hurriedly or to the degree we might with the FZ1000 (2), 2000, or any other FZ that offers no such convenience. Plus, the FZ300’s less likely to draw in dust particles than the likes of the FZ1000 (2), etc. No doubt there are also other advantages to having the seals that just don’t spring to mind at the moment.

Good luck

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