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*FAO Franno83*

It’s difficult to assess what you regard as low (poor) light.

Like you, I live in the UK and to me low light conditions are often brought about by inappropriate weather even at midday. For the purposes of this post, I’ll assume that we share the same ideas of where we’d expect to increase ISO to maintain reasonable shutter speeds at any given aperture setting. Dark cloud cover at any time will bring about that necessity, as will the period of dusk into complete darkness. Any of those to me represent low light.

Truth is, since I gave up doing portrait photography in dimly lit night clubs I rarely shoot in the dark, so let’s stick with whatever we’re likely to face whilst the sun’s still up but is either well hidden or close to setting.

Bear in mind that compared to your FZ80, either camera in which you’re interested will be an improvement under any conditions at the focal lengths that cross over – up to 400mm on the FZ1000 (2) and up to 600mm on the FZ330. Anything beyond that range is pretty much null and void except to say that you’re almost sure to miss the extra optical reach afforded by the 80, even though to me its full maximum 1200mm results are really not up to much at all and regardless of who shoots the photos. Enough on that score, though, as I’ve said all this a few times before.

Ultimately, results from either the 1000 (2) or the 330 will be less noisy and more detailed in all conditions than the 80. The 1000 (2) has a sensor almost four times larger than the 330, but it’s results will in no way be four times better overall than are achievable with the smaller model. Yes, the 1000 has slightly more dynamic range and affords more capacity for cropping images down, but the FZ330 has 200mm more optical reach and is not found wanting all that often in my experience.

As it stands, you asked about low light results from the 330. Bear in mind that my yardstick for output from any camera is its ability to render fine fur and feather detail at maximum zoom.

The OOC Jpeg shots I display below, although reduced in size for uploading purposes, show the FZ330’s capacity to record good levels of detail under what I regard as low light conditions. By all means judge for yourself whether the standard of fine detail retention is on your level and what you might expect. The key is to fill as much as the frame as possible with the subject – even with a 1inch sensor camera.

Ultimately I’d say that either camera is capable of serving you well within the FZ range’s limitations as a whole, which to me perhaps makes the FZ330 the most bang-for-the-buck prospect. When push comes to shove, though, neither the FZ1000 nor 330 are particularly great performers in seriously low light, as each model still possesses a relatively small sensor compared to serious low light kit and which tends to begin at M4/3rd size and larger. Much depends on what you personally find acceptable image quality wise and where you're headed in the future.

Good luck with your decision, Fran.I hope at least some of this post helps.

Beyond that, if you haven’t already done so, check out my review of the FZ330 here and ensure you also read a good number of the posts below it for elaboration of some of the points covered:


Furthermore, you may find my FZ2000 review useful too as a means to see what 1’’ sensor FZs can do. Having compared the FZ1000, 1000 2 and 2000 side by side in terms of handling and OOC results, I went with the 2000 for its additional video features and built-in ND filters. I’m not suggesting you should do the same, but the review may broaden your horizons, not forgetting of course that there are more compact 1” models beyond FZs that may be worth you looking at, too.

For what it’s worth, here’s a link to my FZ2000 review:


FZ330 low light examples below, from ISO 200 through to ISO 800:

The shot above of old sleepy head is a fairly large crop, which is something I rarely do.

Cheers and all the best…

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