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Re: BiF what's the problem?

ReedW wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

Difficult back grounds are where the olympus em1-mk2 really shines. I have a button assigned to focus limiter and have pre-set a group of distances. The exact distances I program in can depend on where I am and the circumstances at the time. But I keep cerain default distances in for Birds, Dragonflies, Bees/Hoverflies, etc. No matter how distracting that background is, if I have programmed it for 90foot max and the background is 100foot away, the camera will never focus on that background and hence chooses the bird instead. I don't think any other manufacturer offers this wonderful feature?

How do you store a group of distances for the focus limiter in the camera?

I haven't got the camera in front of me, but in the settings menu somewhere it says focus limiter. In there you can set up to three.

In general my three are around:

1) 0.5-2.7 metres for dragonflies, etc.

2) 3-30 metres for closer birds, etc.

3) 5-70 metres for distant birds, etc.

I have these assigned to a top panel button, so if a particular background does cause an issue, I press the button, hold and use front scroll wheel to select which distance.

To cancel you just tap the button again.

It has made it so easy to capture photos of hoverflies. I select the 0.5-2.7 metre option and put camera on wide area focus, camera is set to only take photo when focus locked, and around 6 frames per second electronic shutter. Point in general direction and press shutter button.

It's almost like cheating.

Two days ago in my garden a small bird kept flitting around and mainly just this side of a tiny bare twiggy tree against a bright'ish backlit but grey sky. I couldn't place a small focus square on it as it was moving around eating insects. It only took a few seconds to reset one of the focus limit settings to a maximum of 12 meters, it then ignored the twigs and then I got shot after shot.

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