Sony WLAN Tethering range/strength tests anyone?

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Re: Sony WLAN Tethering range/strength tests anyone?


I have the same camera a7RIV but use a cable only when tethering. My cable is 5 m.

I used a Hassy earlier, cable with a repeater over 10 m. I have not tried the Sony with a repeater  over 5 m.

Wireless is possible setting up the camera as wi-fi, the distance is then depending on the strength of the signal in your area.

If you use a LAN you need a cable, and the length will affect the signal quality, which will degrade due the resistance in the cable, the channel length will decide the transmittal speed. The shorter the better. Cable type will give you the distance, up to 100 m for a Cat5e cable, but longer with a repeater.

You probably need to use Image Edge, Viewer and Remote, all by Sony.

Under the a7Riv you find the connections with Network 1.

You may  use the smart phone with mobile data, but I have no experience. That will be wire less, but I believe distance is depending on the provider of the signals. With antenna up to 50 m.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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