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Re: From D800E user need advice
  1. Harry799 wrote:

Richard Frederick wrote:

I just used my D800e for a function where I took a number of head and shoulders shots. This time I equipped the D800 with the 105 AF- S 1.4 and was very pleased with the results. One reason for my preference for this body is the inclusion of in-body flash. I use this flash and a bracket mounted SB-800 unit for an even light source, and the ability of the camera software to balance both flashes.

I believe the last body Nikon released with this flash setup was the D810. For me, this was a disappointment for several reasons, one of which is that these models are not the "professional" products the D-3 through D-6 series is, we non-professionals can be easily caught without a flash when we need one or when one could improve things.

Definitely agree with you, body of series D700 -D800-D810 had all had flash in-body, and D850 should too, but didn't had it, make me dissappointed too.

Further, the autofocus struggled a bit in a very dark environment, but it was obvious when it had difficulty and I had no out of focus shots, and that was with the 105 at f2.8. In a situation like this, focus, composition, and lighting is way more important than megapixels.

I rarely use the built-in flash on any of my bodies.  Whenever possible, I use off-camera flashes for the most flattering light.  If needed, I'll use a bounce card or other diffused on-camera flash.  In other words, I don't miss the "convenience" of the built-in flash, just like back in the film days.

Now, that's completely different for my Nilon 1 cameras, which don't have hot shoes.  I have no other choice but to use the camera's flash to trigger another slaved flash.  It works, but definitely not convenient.  I've also dialed down my built-in flash using Commander mode, but only as a fil or too weak to matter otherwise.

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