I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: No, they won't.

SQLGuy wrote:

Probably won't make a difference, but saying that people providing their feedback in a place where Sony is most likely to see it is terrorism is just nonsense.

It's a form of terrorism. Out of fear of backlash, companies are compelled to cater to demands of customers (or sometimes non-customers) that hinder their efforts in other areas.

It's a classic attempt at review bombing. I read those reviews. Out of all negative reviews, literally only one mentions actual issues with the LA-EA5 where "brewcruisin" mentioned that it performs worse than LA-EA3 with motored (=SSM/SAM) lenses, but then even that review goes on to add that screw drive support is limited to two bodies.

The news release and product documentation clearly state those limitations. Complaining about them achieves nothing and is useless as a review because, pardon the pun, it moves focus away from any actual issues that the adapter may have and doesn't tell you anything about its performance when the camera does fully support AF with screw drive lenses.

As to why they did it? I don't really care. It may be that's it's more difficult to fully support the older cameras, but you won't convince me that it's impossible. I believe it's possible, and I want them to do it, and I want them to know that.

Should I go to Sony and complain that my A99ii doesn't do work with E mount lenses or that I can't use my 85/1.4 or 135/1.8 on medium format cameras?

But going to the realm of what is physically possible: Should I review the A99ii as it performs with regards to its specifications and claims made by Sony in their release? Or should I complain that it's missing features that were added through firmware upgrades to A7R2 and A7R3?

Using your own words, you won't convince me that it's impossible, I believe it's possible and I want them to do it, and I want them to know that.

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