Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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Re: Rendering a new classification to sell stuff with

dellaaa wrote:

I'm confused, rendering, what exactly does this mean?

Image rendering is the production of a photorealistic two dimensional image from a three dimensional scene. It doesn't matter if it is done optically with a lens or with radar processing on an imaging radar return file or through computer graphics. The underlying mathematics - although few photographers know or care - is projective geometry which is the foundation of computer vision which uses cameras to render images that are then used to provide "vision" to robots and also the foundation of human vision which uses two eyes and our brains to process. .

That's what it means. Of course here that may or may not be what people are referring to. What they are referring to is how visually pleasing they find the rendered image. It is the source of multiple periodic food fights on these forums.


BTW most lenses are designed by ray tracing.  In the early days at Zeiss it was done by hand. Today it is done via computer.  Our programs such as Capture One, Lightroom, etc. take the sensor measurements and render an image from them.  We then make changes in parameters in the algorithms and re-render the images.  How the lens projects the light on a given line radiating from the center of the sensor from the focal plane is often referred to the lens rendering.  That the surface of sharp focus of a lens is often not a plane - can impact how the S/W renders the image under the assumption it is a plane.  That is most likely the "rendering" people are talking about here. But it is all convolved to produce one image with a given final rendering into a two dimensional image.

A bit complex but at the end of the day it gets down to if someone likes it or not.  If they do they will call the rendering "magic," "organic," etc. If not - not such flowering terms.

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