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Re: CF-A vs CF-B

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AlephNull wrote:

I don't know the answer to your specific question, but I can tell you that the buffer clearing speed to CF-A is impressive. Shooting bursts at 20fps (using uncompressed RAW) I never noticed the clearing time to CF-A.

Unfortunately, CF-A cards are not cheap. I guess you could put an 80GB one in Slot 2, but even those are seriously pricy.

Everybody seems to be referring to CF-A cards as the fastest solution, what about CF-B, even faster and native size for A1? Am I missing something?

For example SanDisk CFexpress Extreme PRO Type B rating is 1700/1200 vs Sony Tough Type A 800/700?

As mentioned, Sony bodies only support CF-A because they are smaller - Sony have made a slot which takes SD and CF-A with CF-A contacts on one side and SD contacts on the other side. This works because the SD cards are wider but thinner, and the CF-A cards are narrower but thicker. I am pretty sure that they could not make it work with CF-B cards, because they are both wider and thicker than SD cards.

The cameras that take CF-B cards seem to accommodate just one CF-B and something else.

BTW: the Sony reader that uses the same kind of slot is quite quick at reading both kinds of card.

I have become accustomed to loading SD cards into Sony cameras with the labels away from me (every other camera I have used loads cards with labels facing me). Now I have to load CF-A cards with labels facing me and SD cards with labels facing away - it's a little jarring

Yep, got it now, thanks!

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