Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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Re: Fujinon lenses with organic rendering like 35mm 1.4

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I tested different lenses and i noticed they have all a different rendering.

my favorites renderings comes from CY lenses, canon L lenses (like 135 L) and fuji 35mm 1.4. each in a different way.

fuji 35mm 1.4 is close to 3D CY rendering but with more sharpness and less colors. each have their signature.

my question is, if i like the rendering of the 35mm 1.4 and the zeiss rendering, which lenses form fuji (or adaptaded metabones CY?) do you recommend for other FOV).

I read that a lot of fuji lenses that have a clinical look. i don't like clinical, i want character and art. 35mm 1.4 combien sharpness and art to my mind.

what other lenses in the lineup share this capacity? zoom or prime.

i tried 27mm 2.8 and 18-55mm. for me 27mm was flat but 18-55 had a little character, but not like fuji 35 1.4 or CY lenses.

When it comes to Fuji lenses the 50/1 and the 60/2.4 macro both have similiar "magic" to that of the 35/1.4.

Another lens available for Fuji X that definitely has "magic" is the Mitakon 35/0.95. It has beautiful color rendering and a wonderful bokeh. I would even say that it has more character than any Fuji lens.

"Character" as in older, uncorrected designs and their optical flaws   I'm not disagreeing with you, BTW, or bagging on the Mitakon lens.  Just observing what a lot of folks find interesting/desirable versus the extensive, expensive optical corrective formulas in modern first party glass.

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